Friday, September 23, 2011

VIP #2

I wanted to include the write up on my VIP #2 in my last blog, but my Vegas race report was rather lengthy and I just didn’t have time to add the VIP section at the end - writing these blogs is a little more time consuming than I thought! I also wanted to make sure I dedicated the time to the write up that this person deserves! Anyway, better late than never, right?

My VIP#2 is Chas Pavlovic. I chose Chas partly because I think he is an amazing competitor, but also because over the past year he has been a great teammate and friend. I met Chas at the 2010 Wildflower triathlon – my first with Team Sheeper. We rode the boat back to our campsite together after the race and it was such an interesting conversation. I was amazed by Chas’ knowledge of gear and training (or maybe he made me feel amazed at my lack of knowledge in these areas), and his overall racing experience.

Over the next couple months Chas and I became friends, having chats on some of our team rides. Having been to Kona before, Chas gave me great advice about the race for my first trip there in 2010 (if only I had listened to all of it!). He was also completely committed to helping me get where he thought I could go – always telling me I needed a new bike (road bike with aero bars not good enough?), that I just HAD to go talk to some amazing coach in San Francisco (Matt Dixon who?), and was concerned when I told him I might be racing the full Vineman – that’s not a Kona qualifier!

I think every successful triathlete gets to where they are partly because of some (or maybe a lot) of natural ability, definitely a lot of hard work, maybe a little luck, and of course determination. But I also think most probably have a few friends and/or teammates that are instrumental to their success, Through Team Sheeper I have definitely had more than my fair share of those people (don’t worry, I will definitely have write ups on all of you! Esp you, Mikey Osmond  ), and Chas is definitely one of them.

My coach, Matt Dixon, will tell you that he first heard about me from Chas. When Matt offered his ‘train with a pros’ program, two people from Team Sheeper forwarded me the information and insisted I apply, Chas was one of the two. Not only that, but he bent Matt’s ear about me every chance he got while taking Matt’s indoor cycling classes at Velo SF. I really think without Chas my application for that amazing opportunity might have gotten lost in the shuffle, instead I was chosen and my life has been completely changed.

Now whenever I meet or new goal or accomplish something I didn’t think was possible (or at least possible so soon) I think about Chas and I am grateful for all he has done for me. I know I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for him. He has helped open doors that might have otherwise been closed, and at times has had more confidence in me than I have had in myself. It’s amazing how uplifting someone else’s faith in you can be. His unwavering belief in me has helped me believe in myself and I will forever be grateful for that.

Thanks Chas! You are a true friend!


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  2. Jess -- This is so nice that it is very hard to find the right words for what I feel. Best is probably just to say that I am so proud of you for all you have achieved so far -- and more than that: that I am so glad to see where you are destined to go both as an athlete and as a person in general. There are many ways to the top of the mountain of wisdom, understanding of life, and happiness. You are following one of them. What impressed me most is that you do not only have the talent, the determination and commitment to get there, but that beautiful air around you that displays the happiness with what you are doing and the sense that it is only natural and normal that you will get there. The happiness for life that inspires all of us around you! Thank you Jess for being a friend and for being around!